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Learn the important steps of mental preparation on this unique course.

Athletes from 12 to 25 years: “5 steps to high seld-confidence”

Coaches “From player to champion: identify and develop the mind of a winner”

Sport Mental Coaching

Whether you are a young athlete, trainer, parent or professional athlete, there is always space to become even better in what you do.

With Sports Mental Coaching you will learn how to be mentally prepared for sporting challenges.

You will discover how you can take advantage of all the potential of your mind for a better sporting result and you will learn to think like Champions.

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Smart and successful

Play your best when it matters most: Victory comes from the head
Characters are different. Between those that train the same way, there is something that differentiates them: a WINNING SPIRIT or MINDSET OF A CHAMPION. High skills of attention, focus and being present in the moment, visualization and self-confidence are what makes a winner. Recognize it in yourself and in the players you work with and apply it in order to achieve championship results.

Strength of mind

Victory comes from the head, not only from the body. Our mind is powerful and capable of anything. Adjust your mindset to play like a champion.

Spirit of a champion

Improve your skills quickly and effectively, through practical exercises in the workshops. Share your experiences with others, try things out and be efficient.

Use the power of mind to enhance your sport and life results!

5 steps to build self-confidence

Strength of mind

Victory comes from the head, not only from the body. Our mind is powerful and capable of anything. Adjust your mindset to play like a champion.


Have your experienced that moment in the competition where you think you don’t have what it takes to make it?

Have you lost your self-cinfidenc and could not get it back on a high level?


Do you want to know how to get your confidence back, high and stong?

This workshops topics are:

– What makes the confidence?

– How to use what you have to build and rise your confidence

– What are the destructive convictions

– How to use visualisation

– Recognize the biggest enemies of self-confidence and how to win them


5 ways to selfconfidence

3.000 RSD
  • Duration: 3h
  • Workbook
  • Practical work
  • Individual analysis
  • Group work in teams

We have worked with more than 500 sport and business people

I always had a winning spirit and have been winning! My problem was wrong way of setting goals and too much desire for something I can not influence, such as medal. When something depends on others, my goal is to achieve my best result. - Champion Athlete
At the training I always played perfectly, hitting every ball, making moves. In the competition, I would lack that as if somebody took it away from me. Simple, my hand trembles, my foot slips and then I'm so angry and I would throw a racket and shout. When I started to practice a high focus, I literally have clarity and always enough time. - Junior tennis player
My champion team is made up of the star players. We're all here to win or they will send us home. In addition to those who think that they are indispensable and the best, some teammates withdraw, the others are ignored, the game breaks down. Andrija helped us with some nice techniques to connect and through that team spirit we channel the strengths of individuals. - Volleyball coach

Client stories

Thank you for every word, and even more for patiently listening to mazes of my life, and mostly for finding a way out of them. Thank you from the heart!

Majda Cicic, trainer

I have trained volleyball for a long time and this season I had some problems with my serve. The problem was with concentration. I talked it through with Andrija and he gave me some pointers on what to do. It worked! Thank you, Andrija. 🙂

Nemanja Cubrilo, sportsman

It was an invaluable experience to work with and learn from such a “great” man, a strong individual like Andrija Geric. His pragmatic approach to work and every problem, patience and perseverance, and the motivation it provides me as a young athlete in this period, especially before the Olympic games in Rio, means a lot. When I thought I would stop and give up, Andrija was my sport mentor and showed me the right way to get back on track…  Thank you, Olympian 🙂

Jovana Crnogorac, cycling

I think what you do is extremely helpful and nice and I think that everyone should contact you if they have a problem or something similar. You helped me a lot and I definitely would not have achieved this without you. It is obvious that you are a professional! 🙂

Marek Medovarsky K1 fighter

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