Motivational speeches

A motivated man is capable of doing much more than someone who is neutral or demotivated.

If you want to motivate your employees to work with greater desire and effort, allow us, specially for you, to organize lectures associated with the values of your company and after which, your employees will have many more personal reasons to “give” more while they work and thereby achieve better results for themselves and the company.


Client testimonials

Before working with Andrija, I have had a lot of problems. He helped me to get to know myself better, to overcome fears, to raise self-confidence and to improve concentration during the game … I am mentally stronger and more stable now!

Vanja, tennis player

Andrija is a great teacher and someone who showed me that we have to win ourselves every day. I listened to him and became the champion of the world. Thanks for the lessons.

Senka, 28g, mountainbord champion

Thank you for every word, and even more for patiently listening to mazes of my life, and mostly for finding a way out of them. Thank you from the heart!

Majda Cicic, trainer

I have trained volleyball for a long time and this season I had some problems with my serve. The problem was with concentration. I talked it through with Andrija and he gave me some pointers on what to do. It worked! Thank you, Andrija. 🙂

Nemanja Cubrilo, sportsman

Thank you for all the advice you gave me! Since I applied everything you told me, everything is going better and better at training.

Marjan Spasic, sportsman

I think what you do is extremely helpful and nice and I think that everyone should contact you if they have a problem or something similar. You helped me a lot and I definitely would not have achieved this without you. It is obvious that you are a professional! 🙂

Marek Medovarsky K1 fighter

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