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The Skype program enables communication via voice and images, wherever the person is at the moment. Athletes of today are constantly traveling to competitions held in various parts of the world. The period before a competition is very important as far as mental preparation is concerned. Working via Skype is ideal, because a camera, internet access and 60 minutes of your time are all you need to successfully work on your mental strength. About 80% of our clients work exclusively over Skype. Everything we discover and learn together can be applied right away in the next training session or game. Our guiding principle is that everything related to psychology and mental preparation should be practical and easy to prepare.

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Client testimonials

Thank you, everything we did really helped me, no more problems with focus during the race for me.

Sofija Dobricki, sailing

Before I decided to call Andrija, I had a problem focusing and thinking about what I was doing during training. Many things interfered with those hardest, most important trainings, and I realized that to get through, I would need the help of someone who is an expert, but who had also had similar problems in the past. In my first meeting with Andrija I was thrilled when he showed me how one small change in the way you think can give a big result. Each time we worked on something different. The results of our work were apparent after just our first meeting, and after the third, I ran my personal best.

Milan Tomin, triathlon

Andrija helped me at a time which was really difficult for me and directed me along the right path.  I am very grateful for that. You always exit things like that stronger, especially if you have support from the right people.

Luka Vuksanovic, basketballplayer

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