Live sessions 1-1

Live 1-1 sessions require both coach and athlete to be in the same place at the same time.

This kind of work has its advantages and disadvantages compared to Skype coaching.

Sessions last about 60 minutes and are used to work on the mental strength of the athlete. The content of the session depends on the areas the athlete wants to work on.
One thing we insist on is the extreme importance of immediately applying everything we work on in the athlete’s next training.

Athletes are often given homework to complete between sessions.

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Client stories

Thank you for every word, and even more for patiently listening to mazes of my life, and mostly for finding a way out of them. Thank you from the heart!
Majda Cicic, trainer
I have trained volleyball for a long time and this season I had some problems with my serve. The problem was with concentration. I talked it through with Andrija and he gave me some pointers on what to do. It worked! Thank you, Andrija. 🙂
Nemanja Cubrilo, sportsman, volleyball player
It was an invaluable experience to work with and learn from such a “great” man, a strong individual like Andrija Geric. His pragmatic approach to work and every problem, patience and perseverance, and the motivation it provides me as a young athlete in this period, especially before the Olympic games in Rio, means a lot. When I thought I would stop and give up, Andrija was my sport mentor and showed me the right way to get back on track… Thank you, Olympian 🙂
Jovana Crnogorac, cycling
I think what you do is extremely helpful and nice and I think that everyone should contact you if they have a problem or something similar. You helped me a lot and I definitely would not have achieved this without you. It is obvious that you are a professional! 🙂
Marek Medovarsky K1 fighter


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